The world’s biggest sporting event — the World Cup — begins Friday, June 11 when South Africa takes on Mexico. Here are 10 quick bits of World Cup trivia.

  • Mexico has lost the most games at the World Cup with 22 losses in the 13 tournaments they have qualified for. Brazil has the most wins at 64.
  • Greece has never scored a goal in the World Cup. The country has qualified for just one tournament, 1994.
  • The most common score in a World Cup finals match is 1-0.
  • The 1970 World cup match between El Salvador and Honduras was so highly charged that it resulted in the two countries embarking on a 3 day war.
  • All World Cup winning teams have come from two continents — Europe and South American. Each continent has 9 World Cup titles.
  • Brazil is the only country to have played in every World Cup tournament.
  • An estimated 715.1 million people watched the 2006 World Cup final between Italy and France. In contrast the largest number of people to watch the Super Bowl was 106 million during Super Bowl XLIV when the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Lucien Laurent of France scored the first goal in World Cup history.
  • Uruguay won the first World Cup.
  • Brazil has won 5 World Cups, the most of any country. Italy has won 4 World Cups, and Germany has won the title 3 times. Uruguay and Argentina each have 2 World Cup titles, while England and France have one title apiece.