Aug Quiz Cash winners
Filtration. Separation. Solution. win Quiz Cash contest for August despite their silly team name.

After months of trying and several second-place finishes, the team originally known as The Outsiders finally claimed the brass ring. Going by the name Filtration. Separation. Solution., the team cruised to a 17-point win over two-time defending champs Dirty Dixies and earned the crown as Quiz Cash champs for August.

The Dixies claim they were handicapped by team members leaving for vacation during August and vow to take back the title and the $150 cash prize. But they’ll be challenged by several teams that posted strong scores, including Chasin’ Trivia, Roger the Cabin Boy, Farty Towels and Guys & Dolls.

Farty Towels and Filtration. Separation. Solution won the free rounds of beer.

Last week I asked what word could be used in place of “album” to describe music that is downloaded. Lynette from Guys & Dolls suggested “DigiTraxx.” I liked her answer the best so her team picked up 2 bonus points. Other suggestions I liked included: Mubla (album spelled backwards and pronounced like Dracula would say it), a dub, an iAlbum (since Apple is slowing taking over the world), digital vinyl and ELP (electronic long play). Thanks to all who participated.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

Final standings for August:

  1. Filtration. Separation. Solution. – 364 points
  2. Dirty Dixies – 347
  3. Chasin’ Trivia – 343
  4. Farty Towels – 333
  5. Roger the Cabin Boy – 325
  6. Guys & Dolls – 301
  7. I am John Gault – 227
  8. Golden Girls Tribute Band – 200
  9. We Suck – 162
  10. Not Coming In Last – 78
  11. Trapezoid Walrus – 68
  12. Drunk in the Corner – 61
  13. Puddle Jumpers – 58
  14. Team of Slackers – 35
  15. Suck It Trebek – 26
  16. MotherBoy – 23