A new month of Quiz Cash kicked off with 10 teams vying for the $150 cash prize that will be awarded at the end of the month. 

Defending champion Squelch posted a solid score on Wednesday but three other teams served notice they plan to bump the champs from the top spot. Hot Sauce returned to its old form and dominated the music round. Sloppy Seconds, having finished in second place for two straight months, is especially motivated. And the Dirty Dixies — part-time players in the past — vowed to return to the trivia tour full time in order to claim the title.

We’re New, Forgive Us competed in their first trivia night. The team of ladies performed well and surprised many of the dudes by acing all of the sports questions (i.e. Ali TKO’ed Joe Frazier, not George Foreman, in the Thrilla in Manilla). Look for more strong performances from these gals in the future.

Trivia begins at 7:30 each Wednesday at the Black Swan, located at 118 S. Park Ave. in Historic Downtown Sanford.

Some of the more interesting trivial tidbits included:

In 2005, concession stands at Dodger Stadium sold 1,674,400 hot dogs.

Betty Boothroyd was the first woman to become Speaker of the British House of Commons.

In 2007, Carrie Underwood won as many Grammys (3) as Elvis Presley won during his entire career.


    1. The Dirty Dixies – 105 points 
    2. Sloppy Seconds – 102 
    3. Hot Sauce – 98
    3. Squelch – 98
    5. Zoinks! – 91
    6. We’re New, Forgive Us – 89
    7. Guys & Dolls – 79
    8. Empty Kronenbourgs – 77
    9. Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog – 63
    10. Randy & Alex – 16