A new team of trivia enthusiasts dominated Wednesday’s trivia game. The four-person team of Zoinks! missed just 3 out of 40 questions and in the process won two free rounds of beer. Zoinks! compiled 105 points for the night, and the team is now in 5th place for the month despite missing the first two weeks of competition. Black Swan trivia teams take note: Zoinks! is gunning for the monthly trivia crown.

With the exception of Zoinks!, there’s not much change in the trivia standings. Remember, there are 2 more weeks remaining in the Quiz Cash contest for April. Make sure to be at the Black Swan April 22 when the Trivia Tart will host the Best Trivia Contest in Sanford!

Interesting trivial tidbits from the night include:

  • According to PGA rules, the maximum number of golf clubs allowed in a golf bag during competition is 14.
  • The longest chain made out of bras was 37.3 miles long and consisted of 79,001 bras. The chain was created to raise awareness of breast cancer.
  • Nascar driver Tony Stewart is nicknamed “Smoke.”


  1. Squelch – 271 points
  2. The Outsiders – 257 points
  3. Hot Sauce – 238 points
  4. Benjamin Linus and the Workmen – 230 points
  5. Zoinks! – 174 points
  6. Guys & Dolls – 171 points
  7. Suck it Trebek – 157 points
  8. Going John Galt – 103 points
  9. Bird Strike – 98 points
  10. Empty Kronenbourgs – 75 points
  11. Maybe It Will Come to Us – 72 points
  12. Pandamonium – 62 points
  13. Chicago or Bust – 54 points
  14. April Drools – 36 points