Long-time quiz players at The Black Swan know that free beer and prizes are the bounty that awaits the top teams each week. Starting Jan. 7, The Black Swan will kick it up a notch by offering a $150 cash prize to the team that has the highest score at the end of each month.

Here’s how the monthly Quiz Cash Contest will work:

  • Teams will compete each Wednesday, with the top-scoring teams winning beer and prizes.
  • After the first quiz night of every month, each team’s score will be posted here at Dan The Man Trivia, as well as on The Trivia Tart’s blog.
  • Each week a team competes in the monthly Quiz Cash Contest, their score will be added to their previous scores in the month. A running total of each team’s score in the monthly Quiz Cash Contest will be posted on the Dan The Man Trivia blog, as well as The Trivia Tart’s blog.
  • Immediately following the final trivia round on the last Wednesday of the month, all of the scores will be tallied and the team that has accumulated the most points during the month will be awarded $150 in cash.
  • On the first Wednesday of every month, the scoring slates are wiped clean and all teams will begin with zero points in the monthly Quiz Cash Contest.
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I think that pretty well explains the concept. If you have questions, ask me or The Trivia Tart. We’ll also explain the Monthly Sweepstakes before each trivia night for the next few weeks. 

Also, points accumulated for the monthly Quiz Cash Contest do NOT apply to the weekly prizes. The free rounds of beer and lavish prizes will be awarded as they always have — to the teams that post the highest scores during the night. 

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Each team is responsible for ensuring that both I and The Trivia Tart have your correct team name for the monthly Quiz Cash Contest. Some of ya’ll like to switch team names week to week or even game to game. If you want to guarantee there is no confusion, keep the same team name each week during a month. Feel free to change it from month to month. Again, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure their is no confusion about your team’s name.
  • Scores are cumulative for the monthly Quiz Cash Contest. For those whose vocabulary is limited, that means The Trivia Tart and I will add your scores together each week during the month. Therefore it pays to attend as many quiz nights as possible each month.

Finally, please remember — HAVE FUN! The point of quiz night in the first place is to socialize with friends and neighbors while having a good time answering goofy trivia questions. Money makes some people a little intense. I hope that doesn’t happen. For the last three years, quiz night has run smoothly, and we want to keep it that way. If you have questions or concerns, ask myself, The Trivia Tart, or either Rob or Terri behind the bar.